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The Shoulder pillow fits perfectly around everyone's shoulders.

The Graphene Shoulderpillow is specially built to support shoulders and neck in every sleeping position, preventing neck and shoulder pain. The perforations in the pillow ensure a constant supply of fresh air, which contributes to good hygiene.
The Graphene Shoulderpillow is available in several heights and is suitable for stomach, side and back sleepers.

Relaxed sleep, No stress!

Graphene fabric with carbon is anti-static.
This prevents negative influences such as stress and tension, built up by electrical influences during our night's sleep, from accumulating in our body, but are quickly dissipated.

Graphene's superior conductivity influences the temperature in our bed at night. Graphene checks the body temperature in such a way that we are never too cold or too warm in bed.

Enjoy tension-free sleep in High-Tech comfort… .Wake up relaxed!